How to join

Tuggerah Lakes U3A Inc. is a non-profit educational association. Membership is open to anyone who subscribes to our objects, which are as follows:

Membership is obtained by submitting a completed application form, together with payment of the annual membership fee.

The Annual Membership fee for a calendar year is non-refundable. The amount of the fee varies, depending upon how many terms of the calendar year have already expired when membership is applied for. For members joining (or renewing) before the end of Term 1, the annual fee is currently $30 per person.

After Term 1, the annual fee currently reduces. For new members joining during Term 2, the annual fee is $20 and during Term 3, $15. New members joining in Term 4 may pay $10 for membership for that Term only or may pay $30 to obtain membership covering that Term and the whole of the following year.

The application form is also available from our Resource Library. Alternatively, an application form may be obtained by telephoning (02) 4390 2451.

After completing the form, please send it, together with your payment of the membership fee, to The Treasurer, Tuggerah Lakes U3A Inc., PO Box 4019, Bay Village, NSW 2261. Payment can be made by cheque payable to TUGGERAH LAKES U3A INC., or by direct deposit to the Tuggerah Lakes U3A Inc. bank account: Westpac Banking Corp: BSB: 032 525; A/c No: 13 4075 (please provide your name in the reference field).

A Membership Badge, showing your name and membership number, will be posted to you, together with the receipt from the Treasurer.

Current Membership Badges should be worn at each class you attend.

Are you interested in joining U3A, but still unsure?

Interested non-members are welcome to attend up to 2 sessions for a small charge per meeting (currently $2) for morning/afternoon tea.

Enquiries: Pam (02 4390 2451) or Christine (0426 278 902)

Page last updated: 28 April 2024.

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