Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

held at ‘diggers@theentrance’

315 The Entrance Rd, The Entrance,

8 December, 2010.


The meeting was declared open at 10.22am with the President, Margaret Goode in the chair. She welcomed the 52 members and 2 guests.


Apologies were received from Grahame & Shirley Peak, Borge Andreasen, Diane & Jim Cunningham, Norma Churchyard, Margaret Barnett, Valda Lambert, Irene Smith and Polly Thomas.


Proxies: Two


The Minutes of the previous AGM held at ‘diggers@theentrance’ on 9 December, 2009, were read by the Acting Secretary, Rita Richards. It was moved by Rita Richards, seconded by Pam McGlinn that the Minutes be accepted. Passed unanimously.


Matters Arising from the Minutes:  None   



President: Margaret Goode said that it is heartening to think that, on any given day, as we meet for one of our many activities, there are hundreds of senior Australians meeting in a variety of places, all with one common aim: to increase their knowledge of the wealth of interesting subjects which abound in this world.


This year we have had talks on historical, medical, travel, scientific, art, explorers, as well as various other subjects. We have also had our popular regular activities: Mah Jong, Readers’ Group, Play Reading, Music Appreciation, Movie Appreciation, Cryptic Crosswords, Discussion Group, French Conversation and Creative Writing. The energetic Walkers have been rambling each fortnight around the Central Coast and further afield, and the Singers have been ‘Singing for Fun’ fortnightly in the new group formed this year. Margaret said that she felt that we had been able to ‘please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time”.


She thanked the individual members of the Committee:

Rita Richards, Vice-President, who took over the role of Secretary when Ben Brewer became ill;


Cam Rhodes, Treasurer, who kept us in the black;


Gloria Watson, Course Co-Ordinator, found an amazing variety of speakers to educate and amuse us. Margaret asked the members to please let Gloria know if they were aware of anyone who would make an interesting speaker, or if they themselves would be willing to give a talk;


Pam McGlinn, Venue Co-Ordinator, has always managed to have everything organized for our courses and Committee Meetings. She also thanked ‘diggers’ for making the rooms available to us free of charge, as well as cupboard space for our equipment. This is the reason our bank balance is so healthy;


John Collis, Membership Officer, advised that at the end of 2009 we had had 143 members, 27 of whom did not renew, but we gained 41 new members in 2010, giving us 157 members at the end of 2010. Margaret said that she was sure that some of those new members had been recruited through the efforts of present members, and she thanked the membership for that;


Tony Thomson, Publicity Officer, was responsible for the wide distribution of our green flyers, and arranged wonderful publicity in the local papers and on Radio 50+;


Jayne Davis, Welfare Officer, sent cards to any member who was ill. Margaret asked the members to let Jayne know if they were aware of any member who was not well. Margaret reminded the Members that early this year we lost Dr Joyce Clinch who was very involved with our U3A, holding several positions on the Committee during the time of her membership, and who had been installed as a Life Member at our AGM in 2009. Several members attended her funeral at McKays at Palmdale and our sincere sympathy goes to her husband, John and their family;


Betty Siegman, Newsletter Editor, did an excellent job this year publishing the Term Newsletters and, while John Collis was away, she took over the Membership Officer role too.


As well as the Committee, Margaret wholeheartedly thanked the Guest Speakers and Members who ran courses here at ‘diggers’, those who held activities in their homes, Members who ran courses at other venues, and those who did duty on the door, and set up and cleared away the morning and afternoon teas.


Last, but not least, Margaret thanked “a very important group of people” – Jenny and Bob McLean, Tom Marish and Tommy Thomas, who were our Information Technology Specialists. Without them we could not have enjoyed the modern facilities for our presentations.


Unfortunately our intrepid Play Reading Group is going into recess. Dorothy Rhodes has been leader of this group but feels unable to carry on, so if anyone would like to take on this position, Dorothy would be happy to offer advice.


Apart from Play Reading, all other activities will be continuing in 2011, and all Members will receive their Newsletters in plenty of time to enter all the important dates in their diaries.


Margaret ended her report by saying she hoped that she hadn’t neglected to thank anyone, and said that it had been a rewarding experience to be our President and she looked forward to future association with the group.


It was moved by Margaret Goode, seconded by Betty Siegman that this report be accepted.


Treasurer: Cam Rhodes: The Financial Year for Tuggerah Lakes U3A Inc. from 1 October, 2009 to 30 September, 2010 was:


Bank Statement as at 1/10/09               $7,334.83    


Receipts                                             $8,606.50


Payments                                           $7,259.41


Balance                                              $8,411.92


The balance at 30 November, 2010, was $8179.34.


Other data are set out in the Financial Statement attached. The Statement was circulated.


Because of this healthy balance we are going to reduce the cost for tea/coffee from $2 to $1 for 2011. This will be reviewed at the end of next year, when it may be necessary to raise it again.


It was moved by Cam Rhodes, seconded by Tom Marish that this report be accepted.


Special Resolution: To consider, and if thought fit, to pass the Special Resolution, being Amendments to the Constitution, as listed in the AGM mail-out. Margaret asked if there were any dissenters to the passing of the resolution. There were none. She asked for a show of affirmation for the passing of the resolution to amend the Constitution, and it was passed unanimously.


Margaret tabled a list for members to request a copy of the new Constitution when it had been amended, and John Collis advised that he would also put it on our website.


Special Motion for Honorary Life Membership. Margaret announced that a special motion had been received from Eva Seale, seconded by Rita Richards, that Cam and Dorothy Rhodes should be granted Life Membership of Tuggerah Lakes U3A Inc. for their outstanding contribution to our group. The motion was greeted with applause. Margaret then called on Eva to address the motion. Eva said that her reasons for the motion were as follows:


o       Dorothy was our first Welfare Officer, and had also been Secretary and Publicity Officer;

o       She was heavily involved in the formation of our first Constitution;

o       She has led the Book Club since its inception in 1999;

o       She held Movie Appreciation in her home in 1993/1994;

o       She led the Play Reading Group for 10 years;

o       She has given talks on Australian Literature, Australian Art, 5 Prime Ministers, Marriage, Canada, The St Laurence River, Public Education. Myths of Japan, Somerset Maugham and Agatha Christie;

o       She and Cam made their home available for Social Days and Card Days as well as for some of the courses she led.


Eva then called on Tom Marish to address the motion to grant Life Membership to Cam. Tom stated:


o       Cam has been Treasurer of our organization on seven different occasions, each of one year’s duration, and has been very supportive of any other Treasurer needing assistance;

o       He has been Membership Officer, also on seven different occasions, sometimes at the same time as being Treasurer;

o       He has therefore been on the Management Committee for most of the eleven years of our operation;

o       With Dorothy he made their home available on many separate occasions for Social days, Committee Meetings and other U3A activities.


The motion was passed unanimously by the meeting, and the President, Margaret Goode, immediately presented Cam and Dorothy with framed certificates of Life Membership.


Dorothy graciously thanked the Membership, saying that in their relationship Cam had always been the ‘numbers man’ and she had been the ‘words person’ so she would thank the membership for both of them. She said that she remembered working with Eva while TLU3A was getting on its feet. Classes were then held all around the lake. She said that she had expected to be remembered for being the PR person and many other activities with which she had been involved, but she found that the position for which she was best remembered was that of ‘the Treasurer’s wife’, as she was always being given money from classes to pass on to Cam. She said U3A had been a big part of their lives; it had helped her to develop talents she didn’t know she had, specifically for research and giving talks. She said that they had both enjoyed the friendship of everyone, and having just spent a wonderful weekend celebrating her 80th birthday, this honour really was ‘the icing on her cake’.


Election of Officers: The President vacated the chair and Rhonda Byrne, our Regional Representative, acting as Returning Officer, presided over the elections. She asked for applause for the outgoing Committee.


Nominations had been received and seconded for all positions except Vice-President. There being only one nomination for each position, Rhonda declared the following Members elected for 2011:


President: John Collis                     Vice-Pres: vacant

Secretary: Mary Baggott                 Treasurer: Cam Rhodes


Committee Members:

Pam McGlinn                                Betty Siegman      

Jayne Davis                                   Pat Marshall

Tony Thomson                             Borge Andreasen  

Gloria Watson


Address from Rhonda Byrne, Regional Representative, U3A Network-NSW Inc. Rhonda made the point that TLU3A was continuing thanks to the generous contribution of those who had just retired and those who had come forward to form a Committee for next year, but, she asked, what would have happened if those people had not come forward? We wouldn’t be here celebrating the past year, or looking forward to more interesting classes and activities planned for next year. We would be winding up TLU3A, and that would be very sad.


She said that, for TLU3A to continue, it is important for members to volunteer their services, if not as Committee members, then as assistants to those who are. She outlined several ways people could help:

o       In helping to compile, print and prepare the Newsletter for mailing;

o       In assisting members who need help to get to classes or to doctors, or even to visit them in hospital;

o       By becoming a reader, i.e. someone who reads the many Newsletters that come from other U3A’s, and also the website, where Network’s Newsletter is found. These publications often contain very important and helpful information, which can be brought to the attention of the Committee;

o       And, of course, as Course Leaders – the backbone of every U3A. She said if people had an interest or a skill that they could pass on, they should not be shy about offering their services.


Rhonda reminded the members that they don’t have to have a University degree to help their U3A. She suggested that the Secretary or Treasurer would like an assistant, someone who could not only help, but also learn how these jobs are done, and be able to offer their services with confidence, if asked to take an executive position on the Management Committee.


Rhonda also addressed the subject of Public Liability Insurance, which is something every U3A member should know about.


Firstly, the Network Insurance policy is not ‘accident insurance’; it is Public Liability Insurance, which all U3A’s and other not-for-profit organizations must have in order to access premises etc from councils and other authorities. The Network’s Public Liability blanket cover for all participating U3A’s, insures U3A’s and their Committees and volunteers against any claim for injury arising from wrongful or negligent acts during the course of any authorized U3A activity, wherever it is held. Thus, the policy is not an accident policy insuring an injured person, it is a policy covering the U3A if it is to blame for the injury, and a claim is made against it.


Members should be aware of whether your Committee, the Course Leader, or any other volunteer, was negligent or at fault in any way as to how a course or activity was conducted. For example – was the course approved by the Committee? Were participants advised of the nature of the venue or the terrain to be covered? If an outdoor activity, were members advised about appropriate footwear? If not, did the failure to so advise, contribute in any way to the accident/injury? It is not simply that an accident happened, but was it due to the negligence of the U3A through an act or omission of its Committee, or Course Leader, to take reasonable care to avoid injury to participants?


All Course Leaders, and members involved, need to write a statement of how the accident happened and what was done to assist the member afterwards. The affected member should indicate if the injury has healed satisfactorily, or if there is an ongoing problem. They should also list expenses not covered by Medicare or private insurance. There should also be a check made on what instructions, written or verbal, were given to members about the course or activity. If the Committee then decided that there is a valid claim under the Public Liability policy, your Committee should contact the Network Secretary for further information.


Rhonda said she hoped that this advice had been of interest to us, and that we might find it useful in the future. She reported that this would be the last time she came to our AGM as our Regional representative, as she would be resigning in April, but that, as she was moving to The Entrance before Christmas, she would be joining us as a new member. This announcement was greeted with applause.


Rhonda thanked us for inviting her to address us and wished everyone a Merry Christmas. She then called on the new Committee to take their places at the table and for John Collis to address the members as their new President.


Address by John Collis: John briefly addressed the members, thanking Rhonda Byrne for presiding over the election of the new Committee, and for the information which she provided in her address to us. On behalf of all the members, he thanked the outgoing President, Margaret Goode, for the excellent work she had done during the year; Rita Richards, for her efficiency as Vice-President and for taking over the role of Secretary mid-year; Cam Rhodes for his stalwart work as Treasurer; and Jenny McLean, for managing the website for several years, eg putting the course timetables on our web page each term. Jenny has now moved from the area so John has offered to take over the management of the site. Some members had suggested that the site should be modernized, so he and Betty Siegman are going to meet, along with any other interested parties to redesign our page. John mentioned that he is very familiar with computer technology, being a Maths graduate who has been using personal computers since the early 1990’s, and who later ran large computer databases as part of his work.


Tony Thomson then showed a 10 minute promotional DVD supplied by Network NSW, explaining what U3A’s do. This was narrated by Henri Szeps, with a short commentary by Noeline Brown. The DVD will be available for any member who wishes to borrow it to show at meetings of other nearby associations.


The meeting closed at 11.32am and was followed by lunch.