The meeting opened at 10.30am and the President, Pam McGlinn, welcomed everyone.


Present:   46 members.  Elaine Alvin,  Borge Andreasen,  Margaret Barnett,  Margaret Blundell,  Imelda Bourke,  Joan Brockoff,  Elizabeth Buckley,  Brenda Cameron,  Pat Carlton,  Ross Carlton,  Marie Cioccarelli,  Tina Collis,  John Collis, Diane Cunningham, Jim Cunningham,  Jayne Davis,  Monica Francom,  Pamela Guest,  Karl Hogg,  Dorothy King,  Valda Lambert,  Basil Loupis,  Rhonda MacDiarmid,  Tom Marish,  Pam McGlinn,  Ted McGlinn,  Doreen Morley, Marie Murray,  Marie Pappas,  Charlie Proctor,  Helen Rawlings,  Dorothy Rhodes,  Gwen Richards,  Eva Seale,  Kath Sewell,  Gail Shore,  Betty Siegman,  Cathy Smithson,  Margareta Tauni,  Polly Thomas, Tommy Thomas,  Tony Thomson,  Robin Walker,  Gloria Watson,  David Wells,  Fay Wynd.


Apologies were received from Rita and John Richards,  Marjorie Nilsson,

Helen and Douglas Leslie,  Vicki Rollinson,  Judith Marish,  Bev Singleton,

Mary Baggott,  Henriette Vanechop,  Jan Knight.


Minutes of previous AGM held at Diggers @ The Entrance on December 11, 2014 were partly read and adopted on motion by Pat Carlton and seconded by Tony Thomson.


President’s Report

Pam McGlinn presented her President’s Report (separate), outlining the many accommodation problems we have encountered with Diggers over the year.


Our total membership was 118.


Treasurer’s Report

Rhonda MacDiarmid presented the Treasurer’s Report (separate).

Moved by Rhonda and seconded by Karl Hogg that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted.




Election of Committee Members

The President vacated the chair and, in the absence of Sandy Freeman, the U3A Regional Representative, Tom Marish acted as Returning Officer. Sandy was unable to attend as she was not well.


Nominations had been received and seconded for nine positions and, there being only one nomination for each position, Tom declared the following members elected for 2016:


President     Pam McGlinn                       Vice President  (vacant)

Secretary     Margaret Blundell              Treasurer     Rhonda MacDiarmid


Committee Members

            Betty Siegman  (Newsletter)                   John Collis  (Membership)

            Pat Carlton  (Publicity)                              Gail Shore  (Welfare)

            Margareta Tauni  (Talks, T1)                   David Wells  (Talks)


Address by Incoming President

Pam advised that next year will be a time of change, and the $2 charge per meeting will be re-instated as we will be using fewer of the free rooms provided by Diggers and our rental costs will be considerably higher.


It has been decided to try and get as many classes as possible away from Diggers. Pam has asked for ideas from Diggers but has received no reply.  One week, the Nashos Room was offered and accepted but then they said next week will be the Pavillion Room which was totally unsuitable.


As of next year, all Friday talks will be held at the Killarney Vale RSL hall.

Friday Discussion Group will be held at The Entrance Community Centre.

Play Reading will be at the Long Jetty Uniting Church hall.

Creative Writing will continue at Toukley Uniting Church hall.

The Readers’ Group will continue at Dorothy Rhodes’ home.

Movies and French will remain at their usual homes.

Music will still be in the Berkeley Centre.


These classes have not yet been relocated:

   Crosswords – the low attendance numbers don’t warrant paying for a venue.

       Perhaps it could be held in the Coffee Lounge at Diggers.

   Conversations – there will be none in Term 1.

   Keeping the Marbles Rolling.

   Games Afternoon – has not been a huge success. Numbers are low and don’t

       warrant hiring premises.



We would like a bit more social activity. Next term there will be a Play Reading day at the Long Jetty Uniting Church hall.

In Term 2 there will be a social day with readings by our Creative Writers (location yet to be found).

Expressions of interest are invited for a possible cruise some time next year (Sydney to Mooloolaba).

Expressions of interest are also invited in relation to possibly forming a singing group.


Next year is the Network Conference and AGM at Belmont. Any member of any U3A is entitled to go. Pam has all the details.


Lucky Door Prize ($20 membership fee) was won by Elizabeth Buckley.


The meeting closed at 12 noon and was followed by two stories read by members of our Creative Writing Group.


A buffet luncheon followed.