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Resource Library

Please see below for:

Latest Newsletter and Term Program

Here you can view onscreen the entire Term 4 Newsletter (October 2016) or go directly to:

To view previous issues of our Newsletter, see Our Archives below.

The Minutes of our most recent Annual General Meeting

Here, you may download, view or print the Minutes of the 2015 AGM of Tuggerah Lakes U3A Inc. held on 9 December 2015, The Financial Statement for the year ended 30 September 2015, and the President's Speech, presented at that Meeting.

To view the Minutes of previous Annual General Meetings, see Our Archives below.

Our Management Committee, 2016


Pam McGlinn

Vice President



Rhonda MacDiarmid


Margaret Blundell

Course Coordinator

Term 1: Margarita Tauni; Terms 2 to 4: Pam McGlinn

Publicity Officer

Pat Carlton

Newsletter Editor

Betty Siegman

Membership Officer

John Collis

Welfare Officer

Gail Shore

Committee Member

Margarita Tauni

Committee Member

David Wells [resigned 10 September, 2016]

Our Constitution

Download, view or print the Constitution of Tuggerah Lakes U3A Inc.

To view previous versions of our Constitution, see Our Archives below.

Our Forms

Download, view or print the following forms:

Our Equipment

In addition to a PA system including a lapel microphone transmitter, we have a Notebook Computer and a Digital Projector with wide-screen capabilities, VGA and HDMI inputs, and an in-built loudspeaker.

Presenters wishing to use their own notebook computer (instead of using ours) or wishing to use their own tablet (if it has an HDMI socket) may connect their device to our digital projector using one of our audio-visual or HDMI cables.

Our Archives

Archived documents that are available below include:

  • Previous issues of our Newsletter;
  • The Minutes of some prior year Annual General Meetings
  • Our Management Committee in prior years.
  • Previous versions of our Constitution;
  • A history of Tuggerah Lakes U3A Inc to 2008;

You may view, download or print the following archived documents:


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U3A Network Victoria

U3A Online

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U3A Central Coast (NSW) Inc

Enquiries: Pam McGlinn. Ph: 02 4390 2451

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